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At ProQuality Lab we are dedicated to providing quality results with turn around times and pricing that meet your needs. Our experienced staff utilizes established testing protocols recognized by the EPA, ASTM, and AOAC. Our Quality Program is built on the 2003 NELAC standard and is A2LA ISO17025 accredited.
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an individual concerned about the water you drink, ProQuality Lab will help identify your testing requirements.

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General Chemistry, Organics, Metals


Aviation Fuel (Jet A), #2 Diesel, Biodeisel

Materials Testing

Wood Testing, Non-wovens

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If your company has a specific quality system standard, let us know so that we can develop our system to better serve you.

About Company

Established in 2006, ProQuality Lab is a Woman Owned and Operated Small Business serving the analytical needs of customers the world over. Whether testing wood from Chile, textiles from South Korea and China or wastewater from here in Cartersville, ProQuality Lab delivers individualized service with quality results.

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